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Define a Topic:

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Forming the Research Question

Areas to Consider: Examples of Areas:
What educational level? higher education, K-12, elementary, middle, secondary, early childhood
What time period? current, last five years, last 10 years, historical
What type of school? public, private, parochial
What location? rural, urban, inner city
What significance? administrative/parental/student/teacher/attitudes, 
academic achievement, character development, educational innovation, educational reform, 
educational standards, professional development
What type of source(s)? scholarly, applied research, popular view, case studies, review articles


Sample Topic

Forming the Research Question Chart

Topic: Student Portfolios

Educational Level: K-12

Time Period: last ten years

Type of School: any

Location: United States

Type of Source: scholarly, applied research, review articles

Significant Aspect(s): performance, achievement, assessment, student attitude and motivation, learning and cognition

Question: How does performance-based assessment affect student learning and motivation?

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