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To locate poetry criticism in Owens Library, do a subject search using the Library Catalog. Note: capitalization and punctuation are ignored. To locate criticism on a specific work or author, use "author's last name first name" when doing a subject search. For example, to locate materials about sylvia plath, type:

plath sylvia

To perform a subject search on criticism of American poetry in the 20th century, type American poetry 20th century history and criticism and it will appear on the screen as shown below:

American poetry--20th century--history and criticism

Other examples include:

American poetry 19th century history and criticism
American poetry history and criticism
English poetry 19th century history and criticism

To locate a biography on a specific author, use "author's last name first name" when performing a subject search. To locate biographical information about poets, there are several general resources found under subject headings like the following examples:

American poetry women authors
American poetry Afro-American authors
women poets American
poets English biography
poets American biography

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