Gale Literature Criticism Series Guide


Titles, Descriptions, & Locations
(Titles in the series and where they are located)

How to Find Information:

Gale Literature Criticism Series features articles about world authors and critical analysis of the works of world authors:

Type of Information Covered
in the Series
Scope of Information Covered
in the Series
Series titles contain essays focusing on the lives of authors in the context of their literary career.
Diverse Time Periods
Series titles address literature from antiquity to the present.
Series titles include critical essays and article excerpts about individual and collective works of authors.

Various Ethnic Groups & Nationalities
Authors from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa are represented in various titles in the series.

Selected further reading lists are provided that refer to sources with additional biographical and critical information.
Many Literary Genres
Drama, poetry, novels, essays, and short stories are covered in the series.

Descriptions of Gale literature sources are taken from the Contemporary Authors Cumulative Index.

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