GEO 445: Geography of Latin America (32-445)

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Sample Searches

Topic - deforestation in the Amazon

Database Name Enter:
Library Catalog Keyword - deforestation AND Amazon
Subject - Deforestation Brazil
Business Source Premier Deforestation AND Amazon AND environment*
Deforestation AND Amazon AND economic*
LexisNexis deforestation AND Amazon
(limit by geography)

Topic - volcanic hazards in South America

Database: Sample searches:
Library Catalog volcanoes and Ecuador
Academic Search (EBSCOhost)
volcanic AND "South America"

heroine and/or cocaine production and distribution in Latin America

  • search by region:  Latin America, Central America, Caribbean, etc.
  • search by country:  Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela
Database: Sample Searches:
Library Catalog drug traffic and (Latin America* OR Mexico OR Colombia OR Bolivia OR Peru)
Academic Search (heroin OR cocaine) AND "Latin America"

cocaine AND production AND (Mexico OR El Salvador OR Guatemala OR Panama)

(heroin OR cocaine) AND (production OR distribution) AND trade

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Current Events

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  • The General section of LexisNexis provides full-text documents from major newspapers, wire services and international news.

Countries: Culture, Economics, Politics...

  • Countries and Cultures includes an excellent Quick Start feature, and shows how to locate additional country information in books, articles, and web pages.
  • International Business provides information on researching a company, an history, intercultural communication, and global trade.

Biographies: Well-Known People

  • The Biographical Research Guide covers multiple sources, like the Biography Index, Current Biography, as well as Gale and EBSCOhost recommended searches.
  • Biographical (Book) Sources in Owens Library includes sources like the Biographical Encyclopedia of 20th-Century World Leaders, Great Lives from History, and Historic World Leaders.
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