HHP 301/601: Historian's Craft/Historiography

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Project Gutenberg Online Catalog Advanced Search or
Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog - Overview
"Project Gutenberg promotes digitization in “text format”, meaning that a book can be copied, indexed, searched, analyzed and compared with other books. Contrary to other formats, the files are accessible for low-bandwidth use.

Google Books

  • Google Books allows users to search the full text of books for keywords and phrases, displaying search terms in context.
  • Public domain books are available for full text viewing and downloading.
  • Limited Preview titles allow the user to view a limited number of preview pages (with search terms highlighted in context).
  • Snippet View allows the user to view book publication information and only enough text to see search terms in context.
  • Find This Book in a Library feature allows users can link to a WorldCat search window where a list of the closest libraries to the user that hold the book are displayed.

Special Collections
Ask to use resources located in Owens Library Special Collections at the Library Services Desk, 1st floor. Locate the Civil War Collection housed in Special Collections (2nd floor) by searching the Library Catalog for the "Tom Hooper's Civil War Collection."

History Books

  • Library Catalog
    Search for books in the Owens Library collection and in MOBIUS (statewide catalog). View this Capivate video to learn how to REQUEST MOBIUS books.
  • WorldCat
    The WorldCat advanced search includes limiting by format, e.g., archival material. Also, WorldCat helps you broaden your research beyond the collections of Owens Library and other academic libraries in Missouri (MOBIUS). Order books not available in the Owens Library or MOBIUS collections via Interlibrary Loan.



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