ENG 112: English Composition (10-112) Evaluating Sources


Experience or Expertise of the Author
The author of a source should have work experience or education that relates to the subject of the source. This expertise demonstrates that the author is speaking with an authoritative voice about the topic.

An Approach to Reading and Writing about Poems
This list of tips for analyzing poetry and ways to discuss poetry in a written analysis is created by Dr. Debora B. Schwartz, a faculty member in the English Department at California Polytechnic State University. Her education in the field of English and her experience as a teacher (she has worked in the English department since 1996) qualify her with both education and experience in teaching in the field of English.

Play Reviews
This is a guide for writing a play review. The sponsoring organization for this web site is the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, which is qualified to write about this topic because it is “staffed by six professional writing instructors, 47 doctoral teaching assistants in composition and rhetoric and from literary studies, and 55 undergraduate Writing Fellows. All tutors in Writing Center programs are highly trained, expert readers and are qualified to offer help with writing in all disciplines and at all levels.” Read the About the Writing Center web page to learn more about this organization.

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