ENG 112: English Composition (10-112)

Ask a Librarian

Get to know the librarians! You can always email or phone. 

[ librarians at Northwest ]

Before Library Session

Why prepare? 1) Increase your background knowledge about the topic and 2) search eBooks to identify keywords that will focus your research.

Watch the ebrary video to see features of ebrary (full text of over 69,000 books on your laptop/PC.

If you don't already have one, create an ebrary account:
1.Go to ebrary.
2.Click the Sign-in link in the upper right corner.
3.On the Sign In page, click Create an account.
4.Complete the form, and then click Create New Account.

Now search ebrary, using a word or phrase that describes your topic.  Look at one or two of the books and find specific words that will help focus your topic. 

[While signed in to your account, try setting bookmarks and taking notes in one of the books, like the video above showed.  Go back and watch the video again if you need a refresher.]

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