ENG 111: English Composition (10-111/115)


 Complete items 2-5 as assigned by your professor.  Items #1 and #6 are required.

1.  Do the Research Tutorial

  • It may take you an hour to complete the Research Tutorial. Use Internet Explorer only.
  • When you are finished, take the Research Tutorial Quiz (on your eCompanion course site in the Library unit)  Technical difficulties?

2. Choosing & Narrowing Topics  [ also view hot paper topics ]

3. Find a Related or Focused Topic

  • Connect to Google and enter a search
  • On the left hand side of search results, click Show search tools
  • Select Related searches 

4. Understand Types of Periodical Articles  Can you answer these???

View Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals (video) and Types of Articles (web page) to learn the difference between scholarly and popular articles.   

5. Understand Search Results

 Play the game What the Bleep Is It? so you can understand search results.

if you completed #4 and #5, you should be able to ACE this (print answers if your professor wants them).

6. Complete worksheet (open and save document; bring saved or printed worksheet to class session)

Topic & Search Statement Worksheet.   


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