Karats Jewelry

"Karats wants a market research on competition and what makes them who they are and how Karats can be better serving. What mediums and methods of Marketing does competition use, the significant brands (if) they carry. Suggestions to Karats based upon research and what we can do better to stay on top with technology, innovation and new ideas that competition cannot think about today."

Organization: Private company
Region: Kansas City & Overland Park
Audience: Couples, Indian family
Marketing: Engagement and Wedding rings/gift, Indian Jewelry (Culture)

Skill Development

Looking at what we know from Career Services as to what employers are looking for in students (communication skills, adaptability, planning/organization, problem solving, etc.).  Are students getting those skills/experiences outside of the classroom from participating in student organizations at Northwest?  Would also like to benchmark other universities similar to Northwest to see what their institution is providing outside of the classroom to also support gaining those skills.

Organization: Career development services, University
Region: Northwest
Audience: Employers, students
Marketing: Skill developing opportunities

Ask a Librarian

Get to know the librarians! You can always email or phone. 

[ librarians at Northwest ]

Owens Library

B. D. Owens Library is looking for assistance and recommendations from the Marketing Research class in order to improve services and resources for our stakeholders. We want to know what they like, what confuses them, and what services we can add and/or improve. We want to know how/if students are finding library resources such as articles in journals and books/ebooks. We also would like to know if students are aware of specific services such as help with research, reserving learning spaces/equipment, and renewing items online.

Usage of the library building has increased 66% over the past two years. We would like to know how our stakeholders perceive changes made during this time.

Organization: Academic libraries, University
Region: Northwest and online/distance students
Audience: Students
Marketing: Library services

Volunteer Programs

I would like to survey the student, faculty and administrative campus in regards to volunteering opportunities and fundraising events they would like to participate in and in what areas.  This could be hands on opportunities provided by environmental services, nonprofits or other collaborative community organizations within our surrounding areas (including St. Joseph).

What type of immersion trips would student, faculty or staff like to be involved in (i.e. Second Harvest Food Pantry or Ronald McDonald house, something along those lines for an afternoon or weekend volunteer event).  Ideas for collaborative fundraising opportunities for organizations on campus .(i.e. color run 5k )

Organization: Student Affairs, University
Region: Northwest includign St. Joseph
Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students
Marketing: Volunteering & Fundraising events

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